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Bishop Kazimierz Gorny John Paul II Secondary School was established by the initiative of Bishop Kazimierz Gorny who had asked about leadership of the Congregation of the Virgins of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (“Prezentki”) school.

This school began activity on September 1, 1997. Its history is much longer, however. The “Prezentki” Sisters, who run the school, have dealt with education since 1627. At that time, the first school for girls in Poland was established. It was founded by the Venerable Zofia Czeska and it still exists in Krakow as Gymnasium - a lower secondary and Lyceum – an upper secondary schools. The school in Rzeszów, though co-educational, is the continuation of the educational and formative work of Mother Superior Zofia Czeska.

The school in Rzeszow was established in 1997. In the first year of its existence, it occupied a building belonging to the parish church. Since 1998, it has been based at Ks. Jalowy Street 1, where in 1875 the priest Feliks Dymnicki established a dormitory for boys from poor families.


One of the school's most significant events was the consecration of the lower secondary school flag, which took place on the 20th anniversary of the pontificate of John Paul II in 1998.

The Pope, the new holy patron of the school, invites students to be faithful to the church and country. Students often go on trips or rallies, and take part in religious events such as pilgrimages and retreats. The tradition of our school included pilgrimages to visit the Holy Father and moments spent together with John Paul II are undoubtedly a valuable and unforgettable experience for all.
Zofia Czeska The distinctive feature of the school is its educational profile. As a Catholic school, which bases its educational principles on the works of Venerable Zofia Czeska, its primary task is to create an educational environment which stimulates the full development of students.
Our motto was given us by Pope John Paul II: "We look at school as an extended family home where values important for the whole nation are constantly fostered in present and succeeding generations". We wish our school to be a place where Christian and patriotic values are cherished and where our students become honest and reliable people. Our students are expected to devote a great deal of intellectual effort to their studies.
new building The school building, which was received in poor condition, has been undergoing considerable changes. A new school gymnasium has been built. The loft and the basement of the old buildings have been adapted for school purposes and now they are being used as model examples of a school library or a computer classroom.
The new gymnasium consists not only of a sports hall, but also boasts additional rooms. A chapel, which is one of them, is of crucial importance for our school since it allows each of us to pray earnestly at any time of the day. In 2016 a new part of the building was finished.








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