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1 In 1621, Zofia Maciejowska Czeska established the first school for girls in Poland, in Krakow. Poor girls and orphans attended the school. They were taught how to cook, sew, and embroider - how to fulfill the duties of a future housewife. The school in Krakow run by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (“Prezentki”) exists to this day as Primary School and Lyceum (a secondary school). 
2 In 1997 a branch of the school was founded in Rzeszow; it was just an upper secondary school at the beginning. Later, to follow the educational reforms, school authorities decided to open a lower secondary school as well.
3 Pope John Paul II - our compatriot - is the patron of the school. He was an extraordinary man. He had been making pilgrimages all over the world for 26 years of his pontificate inspired by love, peace and prayer. His words, prayer and authority have the power to influence not only governments but also ordinary people.
4 16th October, 2003 - the 25th anniversary of the pontificate of John Paul II - was the most important date in the history of our school; a new chapel was consecrated at this time and a new gym opened. 
The mass was co-celebrated by Bishop Kazimierz Gorny, priest Stanislaw Zych, prelate Jozef Sondej and two priests teaching at our school, Dariusz Trojnar and Waclaw Sopel. The ceremony included the consecration of the chapel. Saint Joseph became its patron - he is also the patron of boy students at our school. A performance about John Paul II and the speeches of invited guests - Head Mother of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Presentation, His Excellence Bishop Kazimierz Gorny, the President of the City of Rzeszow, engineers who designed the new gym and other guests completed the celebration.


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