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The mission of the school was defined by Cardinal Karol Wojtyla in 1977 in a letter to the Order: "We look at school as an extended family home where values important for the whole nation are constantly fostered in present and succeeding generations."
1 The John Paul II Catholic School follows the Pope's guidelines on providing a stimulating educational environment. The school devotes itself to spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and physical development while directing close attention to evangelical and patriotic values.
On the basis of these moral standards, the graduate is prepared to successfully undertake family, social and professional challenges. This type of education helps students to gain a clear perception of reality and make good choices throughout their lives.


Teachers, students and their parents purposefully enter the school community in order to take part in its creation.
2 Teachers at our school are Catholics and they educate according to the spirit of our faith. They educate students through their true faith and they make a constant effort to be role models. Each and every teacher is aware of the complexity of their duties and performs them by praying for themselves and the students, and by asking for the Light of the Holy Ghost.
They know that the greatest and the only teacher is Jesus Christ and as Venerable Zofia Czeska once said, "The sisters are to be Christ's helpers in the education of girls.”
3 The teachers do their best to follow Christ's example. Being professionals, they are both demanding and thoughtful. On the one hand, they pay special attention to difficult, ongoing work. On the other hand, they are always ready to help in good decision making, and spiritual development. Thus they create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.



4 The educational aims of the school are inseparably combined with the educational actions of parents. Parents accept the Catholic profile of the school. They support the educational efforts of teachers with their parental authority. Teachers are always at the ready if any problems should appear. This cooperation builds a demanding but friendly educational environment for students.



5 Our school accepts students who have become familiar with the school educational programme and who agree with the objective of this programme. A student is expected to devote personal effort in developing his or her personality in cooperation with parents, teachers and other students.






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