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Koła zainteresowań

Chór szkolny


Koło Historyczno-Modelarskie "Tygrysek"


Pope John Paul II - our compatriot - is the patron of the school. The tradition of our school included pilgrimages to visit the Holy Father. The first pilgrimage in 1999. On the right Head Mother of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Presentation, Sister Donata Smoleń and the headmistress of the school, Sister Anna Telus.


The second pilgrimage in 2000. Pope John Paul II talks to the headmistress Sister Anna Telus.


September 2002.
The pilgrimage to visit the Holy Father.

Sunday, 23-rd January, 2005, before the Sunday Angelus prayer. Teachers and students sing "Lord once came to the seashore..." waiting for Pope John Paul II to appear.


His Holiness John Paul II appears at the window of his private library, before delivering his Sunday Angelus prayer at the Vatican. January 23, 2005.


January 23, 2005. Waiting for the Sunday Angelus prayer. "Secondary School of the Sisters of the Presentation show their respect to our beloved John Paul II.", the banner says.


Sunday, 23-rd January, 2005. Teachers and students of Lyceum and Gymnasium after the Sunday Angelus prayer.


26-th January 2005. The Holy Father John Paul II talks to the headmistress Sister Anna Telus. Meeting John Paul II, his words, authority has the power to influence every man.


26-th January 2005. Pope John Paul II blesses teachers and students of lyceum and middle school gathered in Paul VI's Hall.


26-th January 2005. Moments spent together with John Paul II are undoubtedly a valuable and unforgettable experience.

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